The Steps to Buying

One of my favourite things is working with buyers especially first time buyers! The search for your new home can be exciting fun experience but also stressful. So knowing the stages and the process can be very helpful to making the process stay fun.

There are 4 stages to the buying process:
1) Buyer Consultation
2) The Search 
3) The Offer
4)The Move

Buyer Consultation

1. We talk. We talk about you, where you want to live, your expectation for your new home, your must haves and your wishlist.
2. You meet with a mortgage professional and obtain a pre approval. This will help you what you can afford and needs to be inlace prior to the search and the offer.
3. We meet for coffee or a snack!
4. We sign preliminary paperwork, including
a) Consumer Relationship Guide (it explains the type of relationships we can have, my responsibilities, your responsibilities, the rules around the conflicts of interest and about making an informed choice. For more please see the Real Estate Council of Alberta.
b)Exclusive Buyer Agreement also called written service agreement. Just like we sign a listing agreement when we sell a home, we sign an agreement when you buy that clarifies our relationship and how I will help you with your search and purchase of a new home.

The Search 

1. Based on our conversations, I will create a property search and send you property listings.
2.You look through the properties and select your top picks.
3. Before visiting them, you do a drive-by to get a feel for the neighbourhood, location, look and the other things that might be important to you.
4.Once your financing is in order, the fun can begin! You choose the properties that pass the 
drive-by test and I set up the showings. Off we go....

The Offer 

1. Once you have chosen the property that is right for you, I will prepare the offer.
2. We discuss how much to offer based not market (are there competing offers, how long it's been for sale house recently sold in the area and the type of market it is)
3. We negotiate with the sellers until we have agreed upon all the terms, conditions, possession date and price. Once this is done to both parties mutual satisfaction we are PENDING!
4. The initial deposit (which is a portion of your down payment) that you will provide is deposited in a trust account.
5. Your mortgage professional completes your mortgage applications.
6. The property inspection is completed by qualified property inspector with you in attendance and at your expense.
7. We complete any additional conditions that we have.
8. Conditions are removed.
9. The additional deposit (which is also a portion of your downpayment) that you will provide is deposited in a trust account.

The Move

1. If your renting its now time to give notice to your landlord.
2. You pack your boxes.
3. You set-up the utilities (electric, water, gas, internet, phone and cable) for your new home.
4. About a week or two prior to possession date, you will meet with the lawyer to sign some more paperwork and bring a cheque for the closing costs (the rest of your downpayment, the legal fees and property taxes). Your lawyer will provide you an accounting for amount of the cheque.
5. On possession day, once the money has been transferred and the lawyers release keys. We will meet at your new home.
6. You are now the proud owner of the new home!


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